• Data Driven Marketing is king (compared to aesthetics or assumptions)

  • Marketing is now run by engineers (because of the technical skills It requires)

  • Marketing has sales targets (as it acts as another sales channel)

  • Design doesn’t need to be unique. It needs to follow patterns

  • UX is king and it’s important to be at expected level

  • Content is the most important element to drive traffic, activate users, engage users

  • All social channels need to be explored

  • Sites have a purpose: Sales, Engagement or User Acquisition

  • Other Channels need to be implemented

Marketer has Changed..

Next Generation Of marketer

  • Marketing
    web & mobile analytics, A/B
    Testing, Marketing Automation, Conversion Optimization, SEO, SEM & PPC, Copywriting, Email marketing, Social Media
  • Data Analysis
    Spreadsheets, Statistics, SQL, NoSQL, BI, Cohorts
  • Coding/Engineering
    HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, AngularJS, Node, PHP, Python, APIs
  • Designing
    Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Video Editing
    4th Section

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